Beyond the Beach: 12 Reasons to Visit St. Pete, Florida

5 thoughts on “Beyond the Beach: 12 Reasons to Visit St. Pete, Florida”

    1. Oh wow – I’ll bet the kite festival was awesome! My husband and I have been tempted to move to St. Pete but it’s just so far from mountains. The city just keeps getting better and better!

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  1. It’s great you were able to find some dog-friendly eateries. When I did my petsit in Seattle I was all set to take the my charge to some dog-friendly coffee shops. I’d done all my research, but when I arrived I discovered that the health dept had come through and given them all warnings. You could basically only take your dog there if it was your therapy dog you couldn’t function without. 😦 Also, I know what you mean about your “full disclosure.” I, too, was a little reluctant to post about our beloved campground in Leadville for fear of the same thing – future competition for sites!

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    1. St. Pete seems like a very dog-friendly city. That’s surprising to hear about the Seattle restaurants, as the PNW seems like it would be a take-your-pup-everywhere kind of place.

      And I’m glad you did your Leadville campground review because now I know where to stay the next time I make it out there. Whenever that may be… 🙂

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