Weed, California: A Fun Stop en route to Crescent City

11 thoughts on “Weed, California: A Fun Stop en route to Crescent City”

    1. I’m sorry to say that we did not get to take any of these hikes. However, I’m adding them to my wish list itinerary for a future trip. Thank you so much for the suggestions!


  1. I grew up in Mount Shasta. Went to nursing school at College of the Siskiyous in Weed and had Blanche Weed as an instructor. She had married one of the original Weed brothers. I went to many movies in the old Weed theater!

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    1. Oh wow – what a beautiful place to grow up! That Art Deco Weed Theatre facade is beautiful. I wish we had been able to see inside. Hopefully it will be fully restored one day. I’d love to see the original neon replicated.

      Weed is an interesting place. The vibe that we got from our leisurely lunch at the diner was one of a tight but friendly community.


    1. It is such a special park, isn’t it?! It was probably my favorite Redwoods park overall of the 6-7 we visited. So many people flock to the national park and/or the parks further south and miss out on this gem. That’s ok, because it makes for a quieter park for those who are in the know! We had wanted to camp there but of course the campground was full. It’s the only time on our entire trip that we weren’t able to camp in a park that we’d really wanted to.

      Unfortunately we did not get to spend any time actually on the Smith river, though we did parallel the river driving in and cross the gorge. We hiked to the water’s edge from the Stout Grove and hung out riverside for a few minutes. It is incredible!

      Thanks so much for your awesome comments, Ann. I love learning more about this magnificent area! — Marsi


  2. Funny post! Several years ago on a leg from Reno to the coast (same journey that brought us through Lassen) we camped in a spot just like that. It wasn’t the KOA, I don’t think, but it had super tall conifers and the forest floor was blanketed in needles. It smelled so good. Probably in the same area!

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    1. Thanks – I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you ever think of the name of that camping spot under the tall trees, please let me know. I am always interested in finding campgrounds to my “must camp” list!

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  3. What a fun section of your road trip. I love little towns like Weed. That sign in the first picture is so cool, as is the placemat. And the food, especially that pie, looks fabulous. The Redwoods KOA looks like a great place to spend a night, and a great stomping ground for Bigfoot! I’d be a little nervous too. 🙂


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