Sneak Peak: Travels with Juniper – August in the High Country of the Southwest

Over the next week I will be sharing posts about my summer adventures with our recently adopted dog Juniper. How about a little sneak peak at my month on the road?

Our trip began with two weeks of house and pet-sitting in Texas. The gig – while enjoyable – kept me busier than expected, and after a couple of weeks I was ready to hit the road to New Mexico, where we…

Juniper on a walk with friend Winston

Camped at Conchas Lake State Park

Conchas Lake State Park

Spent a long day of driving the scenic route between Conchas Lake and Angel Fire, then looped the Enchanted Circle. En route we stopped off for a hike at Coyote Creek State Park

Driving New Mexico Blue Highway NM-104 between Conchas Lake and Las Vegas

Driving New Mexico Blue Highway NM-104 between Conchas Lake and Las Vegas

On the trail with Juniper at Coyote Creek State Park

Then splurged on a hotel (though not the Hotel La Fonda) because of rain, rain, rain. We spent my birthday in Taos…

Hotel La Fonda in Taos Plaza New Mexico

Camped and hiked in Orilla Verde Recreation Area, the dog-friendly section of Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

View of the Rio Grande from Orilla Verde Recreation Area

Hiking the Picuris trail in Orilla Verde Recreation Area near Taos

Drove the high road between Taos and Espanola…

Mountain Views on the high road to Taos

Just off the high road to Taos - Neustra Señora del Rosario Church in Truchas, New Mexico

Where we turned west, and camped at Bandelier National Monument

Camping at the Juniper Family campground in Bandelier National Monument

Then continued our lovely drive west on Hwy 4, climbing higher into the mountains. We stopped for a walk through a wildflower meadow at Valle Caldera National Preserve

Valle Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico's Jemez Mountains

And spent the rest of the afternoon driving the Jemez Mountains before heading west toward Arizona.

I took a lot of pictures of old Route 66 signs and establishments between Amarillo and Flagstaff (The Sands Motel is in Grants)…

Sands Motel just off Route 66 in Grants New Mexico

We spent an afternoon touring dog-friendly Petrified Forest National Park

Juniper overlooks the Painted Desert in dog-friendly Petrified Forest National Park

Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest National Park

And walked charming downtown Flagstaff

Orpheum Theatre Mural in Flagstaff, Arizona

Before driving through Coconino National Forest to see Sedona’s Red Rocks…

Coconino National Forest near downtown Sedona

Then turned East, where (back in New Mexico) we camped and hiked and studied petroglyphs at El Morro National Monument

The Headland Trail in El Morro National Monument

Petroglyphs in El Morro National Monument

And spent a day walking, eating, and drinking local beer in Santa Fe

Loreto Chapel in Santa Fe

Sculpture Garden surrounding the State Capitol Building "Roundhouse" in Santa Fe

Before making the 20+ hour drive home to Tennessee. Whew! I’m a little tired just thinking about all of that driving. And yet, with the buzz from my trip not yet worn worn off, we are making another trip to northern New Mexico in September. And this time Robert will be along as well. Yay!

Wondering where else we’ve wandered? Check out our Parks List.





17 Replies to “Sneak Peak: Travels with Juniper – August in the High Country of the Southwest”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’m super excited to be hitting the road to NM again, though I kind of wish we were going a little later in the season to see the aspens and cottonwoods in their golden glory, and maybe some snow capped peaks. My husband picked the earliest week in the year he could get a full week off. Being back in an office full time is making him a little stir crazy!

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