On This, our 50th Earth Day

“As soon as a Redwood is cut down or burned, it sends up a crowd of eager, hopeful shoots, which, if allowed to grow, would in a few decades attain a height of 100 feet, and the strongest of them would finally become giants as great as the original tree.”  — John Muir

Hiking at Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Dear friends,

I have missed you. And boy howdy have I missed wandering this big rock we are lucky to call home. Our 50th Earth Day (coinciding with National Park Week) seems like just the right time to pop back in to the blogosphere and catch up.

In these difficult times of pandemic and tornados and inconceivable loss, it’s hard to believe that we will ever come out of this. All that we can do right now is our best to stay healthy, show humanity to one another, and take care of this beautiful wonderful planet that we call home. If we are to be resilient as the redwoods, it’s not going to happen without some effort on our parts and consideration of whom we choose to lead.

So what have I been doing for the past six months? Working at my favorite Co-op, settling into a new house, and rediscovering lovely near(er)by locales. These past five weeks I’ve been finding zen in the little things at home: making homemade tortillas, planting a veggie garden, yoga, FaceTime and zoom chats with friends and family, and many many walks.

I will soon pick back up on our New Mexico adventures (a narrative that I so rudely abandoned mid-story, apologies), and I will be sharing a lot more pictures and stories of our past travels. For now: I wish you all good health, hopes that the view from our “window” soon looks like this, and that we’ll be free to safely wander again. XO

Yosemite view out our Grand Hut tent "window"




2 Replies to “On This, our 50th Earth Day”

  1. Nice to see you back! Lovely pictures, looking forward to seeing your travels and memories. The world has changed, but out of it will come new opportunities, perhaps even the chance for a reset away from some of the harmful excesses of the past!

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    1. Thanks for the warm welcome back, Steve! I completely agree – the forced “pause” will (hopefully) cause many to rethink what’s truly important. We shall see how everything plays out in the next year or so, but I for one am feeling hopeful!


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