Atop Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park
Marsi & Robert

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Hi there! I’m Marsi. After a year of researching and loosely planning an itinerary for an epic western U.S. road trip, my husband Robert and I sold our house in Tennessee and embarked on a grand adventure.

Our travels included thirteen national parks + several dozen state parks, national monuments, national forests, national historic areas, BLM sites, big cities, tiny towns, and everything in between. (You can check out our list of parks visited here. ) Instead of a making a set schedule, we had a very long list of destinations in mind, allowing ourselves the freedom to wander rather than have a fixed itinerary.

I created this blog to chronicle our 2018 western road trip.  From time to time we’ll flash back to prior vacay and adventure spots we’ve enjoyed over the years, with some “what we’re doing now” posts thrown in too.

My prologue provides a bit more backstory, so that’s a great place to begin. Thanks for reading!

Film photograph : our trusty Subaru Outback in Colorado National Monument
Subie captured on 35mm film in Colorado National Monument.