As we close in on the New Mexico border, flat open plains give way to rolling green sage and juniper covered hills. After nine days of 100-110 temperatures in the Dallas area, a cold front has moved into Texas and brings welcome rain. The rain is scrubbing away not only the dust from a long period of drought in the area, but also a bit of the pain associated with what we’ve left behind. Thus begins day one of our 4-month hiatus from “real life”.

The past year and a half have been difficult for us. Within the span of this time, we lost my father to a lengthy, painful illness, two beloved geriatric dogs, and both of our office jobs came to an end for reasons beyond our control. We sold our house in Tennessee, put our belongings into storage, and headed west with everything we need for four months of traveling & camping stuffed into our Subaru Outback. Our journey is not just a long vacation, but a plan for healing.

Back home in my little bubble, I felt creatively stifled and spent too much time staring at screens.  For me, internal peace and quietude are fed by wide open spaces and pristine empty forests. Traveling inspires my writing, reading, drawing, and photography. There is something to be said about growth and healing that occurs in seeing new places. This blog serves as my journal, and I hope it inspires readers to take journeys of their own.


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