Olympic National Park – Part 2: Pacific Coast Beaches

8 thoughts on “Olympic National Park – Part 2: Pacific Coast Beaches”

  1. You mention in several posts that you avoid the “hoards of people”. There were several places we didn’t go to because they were way too crowded. Jasper was fine except for the town of Jasper. I have been to Lake Louise before and looked forward to another walk around the lake but when we went into town for gas we saw that the parking lot for the lodge was full. We decided not to go back the next day. Wilderness ceases to be wilderness when there are hundreds of people present.

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    1. Thank you for the tips! It’s nice to read that Jasper NP wasn’t overcrowded. In a few years I hope to take 6 weeks to do Canadian Rockies/Alaska trip.

      Sometimes I’m torn between hitting the “best” spots in a park and just seeking out solitude on a hike or drive that may be slightly less spectacular (but still incredibly beautiful). My husband backpacked in Zion 15 years ago in the (particularly then) lightly traveled Kolob Canyon area, but Kolob was closed last fall when we were in the area, and I wasn’t in the mood for the crowds in Zion Canyon. Perhaps I need to make a winter trip!

      A Yosemite ranger told me that Yosemite Valley doesn’t have a real off-season either, though Tioga Road was practically deserted in late September (just before its seasonal closure). It was wonderful!

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      1. I think the CA Rockies were especially busy this year because last year was a bad travel year because of fires. We really enjoy travel after Labor Day because there are less people. Lake Louise is really worth seeing but I decided to hold my memories from 18 years ago. We did a hike up Mt. Robson on our last trip and that was wonderful – put it on your list.

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      2. Wow – Mt. Robson looks incredible! Thank you for the wonderful recommendation!

        I’m you are correct – a lot of people cancelled their parks trips last year. Those fires last year were awful. We re-routed several times due to fires and completely cancelled our Glacier NP visit because it caught on fire 3 days before we were scheduled to arrive. I’m so glad this year has been a much less active fire season.

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