Bummed by a Gray-sky day at Crater Lake National Park

8 thoughts on “Bummed by a Gray-sky day at Crater Lake National Park”

  1. I’m a native of Seattle and love the Pacific Northwest. But for some reason I wasn’t wowed by Crater Lake either the one time I went there. I always felt I needed to give it another chance, maybe someday I will! 😊

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    1. Susanne, it makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who felt that way. But I would like to get back one day. I believe I could accept the crowds if it’s sunny and warmer 🙂


  2. We love our National Park Pass, we get a new one every year and I haven’t kept track of how much we’ve saved, but it’s a lot! I can understand the blah feeling with the clouds and temps. Hopefully, you will have time to give Crater Lake another shot some day. Love the parkitecture! Hope you are enjoying being back in your home state.

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    1. The NPS park pass is a great deal! We are a bit spoiled here in Tennessee, not needing one for the Smokies. I’m still not sure how that park is free to get into (too many access points to enforce maybe?). Our pass expires in July, and I hope to get at least one more park in before then. Mammoth Cave maybe?

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