Wildlife Watching at Klamath Beach and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

13 thoughts on “Wildlife Watching at Klamath Beach and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park”

    1. Thanks for the identification. “Wooly bear caterpillar”, what an awesome name 🙂

      I was born in and lived in San Diego until I was six, so I fell in love with seals and sea lions at a young age from seeing them in the shows at Sea World. I went almost thirty years before seeing them again, and it’s so much better to watch them in their natural environs. What a funny coincidence about your fellow camper talking about Jedediah Smith SP!

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    1. Thanks so much! We took about 100 pictures of that elk, many of them throw-aways 🙂 Very good point about being in the moment. Too often many of us spend too much time shooting pictures and writing and don’t just enjoy the “being” part. Thanks for the reminder!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing our morning at Klamath Beach! I used to just think of vultures as vile creatures (which they kind of are), however now I find myself watching them sometimes, although when they are not feeding, haha. It is my understanding they are quite intelligent, and as you said, though not exactly lovely to look at, quite needed 🙂

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