Two Days in the Rio Grande Gorge: Finding Solitude in Orilla Verde Recreation Area

9 thoughts on “Two Days in the Rio Grande Gorge: Finding Solitude in Orilla Verde Recreation Area”

  1. Wow, what a place. Every post I read has me wanting to head that way. Back in 2015, my dad and I spent 12 weeks exploring the Sonoran desert and my yellow lab tried licking a prickly pear! It took me days to get all the spines out of his mouth, at least Juni was smarter than that!

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    1. Oh no! I’m not sure that Juni would be smarter than that if she were in the same setting though 😉

      12 weeks exploring the Sonoran desert sounds wonderful! I am always going, going in order to dram as many places in as I can, but it also means I miss a lot. It also means I Ilose way too much time setting up and taking down camp. “Slow” travel sounds really good to me. If only I could work from the road, I would plan a trip like that!


  2. What a great snapshot of your journey. I’m so impressed you can identify animal tracks! The picture of Juniper literally giving you puppy dog eyes from the back of the ‘Ru is adorable. The graffiti on the rock makes me want to cry… or scream. Maybe both.

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    1. Haha! Thanks for the Juniper compliment. She is pretty adorable :-). I am not able to identify many animal tracks, but am a bit obsessed with seeing bighorn sheep (and have great fear of the mountain lions who follow them). That graffiti pissed me off too. I was wondering if anyone would notice and make comment. Marring such a beautiful landscape is inexcusable and unfortunately there were a few other examples to be found along that dirt road.

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      1. Once, on a road trip back from Coeur d’Alene for the husband’s Ironman, we stopped for the night in Arco, Idaho. The town had these beautiful cliffs towering over it. Unfortunately, decades ago, a graduating HS class decided to hike up there and spraypaint “Class of ’66” (or whatever year it was), and every year the graduating class has followed suit. It is appalling and disgusting and a total eyesore. It made me sick.

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