Driving the High Road: Taos to Bandelier National Monument

8 thoughts on “Driving the High Road: Taos to Bandelier National Monument”

    1. I agree, Bandelier is such a beautiful place! My visit with Juniper was very fun, although it was a bit of a tease not being able to get on any trails. One day!


    1. It really is a nice campground, and so surprising that it rarely fills, considering the number of visitors Bandelier sees. I loved that campsite! I could have stayed for weeks 🙂

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  1. You’re the third blogger I’ve heard from in recent days who is having tech trouble. It’s different kinds of tech trouble for each of you, but tech trouble just the same. Hmmm…
    Beautiful pics – looks like a marvelous camping experience. I notice you napped in your car at the campsite, you rebel. 😉

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    1. Hahaha, that’s right, technically I did sleep in my car! I make my own rules 🙂 I probably should have pitched the tent everywhere on that trip, because that night at Bandelier was the best night’s sleep I had in two weeks of travel. Most nights it was too warm for comfortable car sleeping because I kept having to roll windows up due to rain.

      Thankfully my tech trouble was very minor. That said, the imperfect formatting is still bugging me, grrrr…

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