One Whirlwind Day in Flagstaff & Sedona

After a beautiful painted desert drive from Petrified Forest National Park, we arrive in Flagstaff at dusk. Juniper and I enjoy a nice long rest at the Best Western before getting a late-morning start to our exploring. First stop: Thorpe Bark Park.

Thorpe Bark Park dog park in Flagstaff, Arizona

Even at 11am on a Monday, Juniper shares the dog park with 15-20 dog friends. This is probably the best dog park I’ve ever been too, and in fact all of Thorpe Park looks like a fantastic urban park. The visitor may even access the forested Mars Hill trail system from the park.

My great first impression of Flagstaff is amplified when we walk around historic downtown.

Downtowner Motel Hostel Sign in Flagstaff, Arizona

Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona

Interesting Church in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona

Downtown Shops Mural in Flagstaff, Arizona

Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona

Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona promenade

Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona

After our 2-ish mile walk around downtown, Juniper quickly falls into a deep sleep in the car. Juni is an energetic young dog, yet she has no tolerance for mid-day sun (it is only 73 degrees in Flagstaff). I am really learning her limitations on this trip.

Juniper the Wonderdog crashed after a long walk

From Flagstaff we head south toward Sedona via AZ Hwy 89A, making a stop at Oak Creek Vista, where I first glimpse the mobs of people we will be seeing all the way to Sedona. Keep in mind this is on a Monday – late enough in August that I would have thought many kids would already be back in school.

Oak Creek Vista of Coconino National Forest

The views of Coconino National Forest are beautiful from Oak Creek Vista. Pictured below are the  fun-yet-slightly-scary switchbacks of Hwy 89A as it drops down into the canyon.

Hwy 89A switchbacks through Coconino National Forest viewed from Oak Creek Vista

We spy a little unpaved path, and relish the few minutes of respite from the busy tourist stop. Have I mentioned before how crown-averse I am?

Venturing off the paved path at Oak Creek Overlook, Coconino National Forest

In spite of the numerous beautiful pullouts between Oak Creek Vista and Sedona, I find them too packed with people to stop for pictures, and my plan for camping in Coconino National Forest is dashed and when I find all campgrounds full overflowing.

After a couple of miles at a snail’s pace due to road-construction and traffic in Sedona, I park the car with the intention of taking a quick walk around town with Juniper before finding a trail. We make it two blocks and I take this one quick photo before heading back to the car. At 85 degrees, it is far too hot for Juni pup to be walking here.

Red Rocks and Psychic Center of Sedona

With the knowledge that we won’t be able to camp anywhere nearby tonight, I settle for a short scenic drive around a neighborhood, and am pleasantly surprised when the tarmac ends and I find myself headed into a quiet natural area.

Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

What bliss! There is not a single car at the trailhead parking lot. If only it wasn’t so hot!  I leave Juniper in the car with the air conditioner running as I take a 5-minute walk around and snap a photo of the trail map for future reference (oh yes, I will be back one day to tackle these trails).

Jim Thompson trailhead map of Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona

Jim Thompson trailhead in Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona

Near Jim Thompson trailhead in Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona

We return to Flagstaff to check out one last campground, but arrive to find it full as well. Turning east on I-40, we take a slight detour in Holbrook to view some good Route 66 relics, which I will include in a later post.

Mountain View in Flagstaff, Arizona

After two straight nights in a hotel, budget does not allow for another hotel stay tonight and all desert camping options en route to my next destination are far too hot for Juniper (90-98 degrees even at sunset). I see no other option than to press on to El Morro tonight, driving through a gorgeous rainy sunset, unaware just how lonely the roads ahead of me will be.

Arizona Desert Sunset, halfway between Flagstaff and El Morro National Monument

Although my plan to camp in Arizona was a bust, and we drove 13+ hours in two days and tried to cram too much in, I have no regrets about making the side trip from New Mexico. The red rock of Sedona and the biodiverse Coconino National Forest are stunningly beautiful, and I will definitely be back one day in a cooler, quieter shoulder season for more leisurely wandering and exploration.

Next up: El Morro National Monument

Wondering where else we’ve wandered? Check out our Parks List.

7 Replies to “One Whirlwind Day in Flagstaff & Sedona”

    1. Thanks Lisa! It was a great trip. Sometimes I try to cram too much in, but knowing I wouldn’t be getting back to Arizona any time soon, it was worth it!

      I see you’ve

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      1. I can relate to that. We crammed so much into our trip last September that I’ve been blogging about it ever since. We will have to go back to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons again. Just couldn’t get it all done in 10 days. 😊

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