35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Idyllic Fruita in Capitol Reef National Park

12 thoughts on “35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Idyllic Fruita in Capitol Reef National Park”

  1. Isn’t it weird that this is the least popular of the big national parks in Utah? I think they’re all so different from each other and have such interesting things to offer. Oh well – everyone else’s loss is our gain!

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    1. I agree, it is odd! The fact that it’s the least visited of the Utah parks is probably at least in part why I love it so much. One can still find solitude there. Although at a ranger talk we were told that in 2017 visitation was 1.15 million. I’ll bet is was much higher last year. Now that all campsites are reservation only in-season, I imagine that number will keep growing. Kind of a bummer. Maybe we should stop blogging about our favorite places, haha!

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      1. Oh, I’m so envious! The park service had recently graded a lot of the roads, so our Subaru was able to make the Notom Bullfrog/Burr Trail/Boulder Mountain loop, which was amazing! Eventually I’ll get around to blogging that visit.

        We still haven’t seen Temples of the Sun and Moon, though per the ranger the road to them is often passable with a Subaru, but not passable to the backcountry campground. If I ever move out west I’m going to get a jeep or truck that can handle those 4wd roads. I dream of falling asleep under that dark sky!

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    1. Thanks! I need to post to IG more. I’ve slacked off lately, but have like 20 more rolls of film waiting to be developed. It’s always more fun with fresh film scans 🙂

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