35mm Photography: A diatribe on Air travel

In this day of a cell phone in every hand, the cacophony of sounds, even at a small airport, is quite something. Setting aside the actual airport-created sounds, I am surrounded by: A businessman giving a hard sell about the performance of his team of actuaries. A grown man playing a violent (loud) video game while his travel companion watches the Family Feud (also loud). The crinkle of wrappers; an unhealthy burrito meal on the go. The clickity click of my keyboard.  And that is just at my gate in the tiny Chattanooga airport.

Red Vivitar PS55s 35mm Film Camera

Goofing Around with the Vivitar PS55s: A Fun (and cheap!) 35mm Point-and-Shoot Camera

Going through scans of film photos we shot over the past couple of years, I happened upon a roll we shot with a $3 thrift store find: the Vivitar PS55s. Although it was that rad red color which caught our attention, to our delight the camera actually turned out to be a fun little shooter.