35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Canyonlands National Park

Confession:  Due to some hiccups on our one and only trip to Moab, I have “seen” Canyonlands National Park, but haven’t actually set foot inside of it. The views of the Island in the Sky region of the park from the rim trail at Dead Horse Point State Park were a pretty good substitute, though I’m really feeling the itch to get down inside that canyon.

***As with all of my film photos, presented as captured, unedited.***


Rain over Canyonlands
July 2016

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4 Replies to “35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Canyonlands National Park”

      1. Oh my gosh, you must think I’m crazy for confusing the parks in my own post! I blame this brain fogginess on my cold and awful cold medicine. Ugh.

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