Two weeks in Suburban Texas: Pups, Produce, Polaroids, and Saying Goodbye to Steinway the Snipe

11 thoughts on “Two weeks in Suburban Texas: Pups, Produce, Polaroids, and Saying Goodbye to Steinway the Snipe”

    1. The fresh figs really were heavenly for the first week. After that I grew a little tired of obsessing over what to do with so many figs. It’s like they were so precious that I didn’t want to let a single one end up in the compost bin, haha! 🙂


    1. Polaroids are fun! We shoot Instax Wide and Mini too (the film is cheaper), but there’s nothing quite like the nostalgic feeling of shooting a polaroid 🙂

      I was house-sitting in Flower Mound (north of Dallas). The community garden was a lot of fun, though I cannot take any credit for how healthy and prolific the veggie plants were. I kind of have a black thumb!


  1. We love it when we have the opportunity to house sit! Glad all the pups got along so well! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some of those figs!!! And all the other fresh produce. We were lucky in Wisconsin, there was an Amish market just up the road. Looking forward to the rest of your trip!

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    1. Ooh – an Amish market! I’ll bet you all ate pretty well during your stay in Wisconsin 🙂

      I really enjoyed house-sitting. It was my second “sit” this summer (the other was for a neighbor in Chattanooga). I’d love to do it more often, but now that I have Juniper it’s probably not in the cards. Well worth the trade-off!

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    1. Haha! And to think that I didn’t even mention that lakeside hiking & mountain biking is a mile away, or that (weird but true) Post Malone will soon live a mile and a half away in a penthouse just across the street from a local dog park. And of course there are a million things to do in the “Big D” (the museums!), although I was a homebody for much of this stay. It’s a pretty sweet pet-sitting gig, for sure!

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