35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Minturn, Colorado

Tiny Minturn, Colorado is just…one of those places. One of those places that I could melt into for a few months or years. It is a place of glorious mountain meadows, summertime bluegrass concerts at the amphitheater on the Eagle river, fantastic food in unpretentiously cute restaurants, classic cars, and friendly locals. The bonus: Minturn even has a good record store.

35mm photograph of classic truck in Minturn, Colorado

Hippie Truck
Minturn, Colorado
Summer 2016

***As with all my film photos, presented as captured, unedited.***

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5 Replies to “35mm Film Photography – One Hit Wonders: Minturn, Colorado”

    1. Me too! I’m not sure I could handle living there through the Colorado winters, but oh my those mountains (and the old mountain towns) have my heart. Did you get up to Leadville?

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      1. We ADORE Leadville!!! We’ve been there many, many times. We always stay at Sugar Loafin.’ That’s where we were when we went to Minturn and then onto Vail (day trip). I think it was Tennessee Pass that the husband was cycling over. I drove the car as the “support vehicle.” We’re going to hang out in Leadville again in June… do some cycling and hopefully hike a 14er. Never gets old, that place.


      2. Nice, and also I’m envious! I think it is Tennessee Pass. I had my picture taken in front of the sign years ago because, well, I’m from Tennessee. I’ve never stayed in Leadville overnight (just day tripped up from Vail), but hope to do some camping or backpacking up there next year. Thanks for the campground recommendation!

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