Sneak Peak at our Lassen Volcanic National Park Hikes

16 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at our Lassen Volcanic National Park Hikes”

    1. I rarely use trekking poles hiking uphill, but often use them going downhill, particularly if the incline is steep or footing uneven. I prefer using two poles, but even one is helpful. I’m bummed because I’m currently in TX, heading to NM in a week to camp and hike and I forgot my poles! I have my dog with me though, so I would have only been able to use one anyway. We shall see how my knees and ankle (still recovering from a sprain a couple months ago) handle it without. Maybe it will be a good excuse to buy a pretty walking stick! Also, my husband mentioned that having a trekking pole is good if one were to cross paths with an animal that gets agressive.

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      1. No doubt, it is difficult to choose trekking poles over easy access to one’s camera. On out-and-back trails, I tend to take a many more photographs on the hike up while my retractable trekking poles are hanging from my backpack. I’m often so concerned with loading 3 film cameras in my backpack and realize 2 miles into a hike that I forgot my trekking poles, haha!

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